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Welcome to American Hotel Hero Award by Hotel Vikas Magazine!


We are proud to announce the American Hotel Hero Award, a recognition program that celebrates the leadership and contributions of heroes in the hospitality industry. Our industry is made up of individuals who work tirelessly to provide the best experiences for guests, and it is our mission to recognize their efforts and empower others to reach their full potential.


Nominate someone, either yourself or a colleague, who deserves recognition for their heroic efforts in the hospitality industry. This award not only recognizes their hard work, but also inspires others to strive for excellence. Your participation is crucial in identifying, nominating and empowering the leaders of our industry.


Thank you for your continued support and dedication to the hospitality industry. Together, let's recognize and celebrate the heroes who make it all possible.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to showcase the best of the best in the hospitality industry. Nominations are now open.


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