The American Hotel Hero Award by Hotel Vikas Magazine is a recognition program that celebrates the leadership and contributions of heroes in the hospitality industry. Hotel Vikas Magazine is a well-established publication that serves the hospitality industry, providing news, insights, and resources to its readers. Welcome to the world of Hotel Vikas, where progress meets hospitality. Launched in 2000, Hotel Vikas is a leading magazine for the American hospitality industry, serving senior hotel CEOs and decision-makers.


Hotel Vikas stands apart from the crowd by delivering concise and relevant information specifically designed for the busy and discerning hotel executive. With a focus on technology trends and the future of the hospitality industry, each issue provides a wealth of insights, views, and articles essential for the success of American hotel owners.


Only the best of the best make it into the pages of Hotel Vikas, with a strict screening process for advertisers and a maximum of 25 advertisements per issue. The magazine is sent directly to the home addresses of decision-makers, making it not only highly readable, but also a valuable tool for brand building for advertisers.


Hotel Vikas is read and appreciated by thousands of hotel owners across all 50 states, with a monthly edition that is referred to and treasured for three months. The magazine is guided by a powerful and experienced international board of directors and advisors, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of the industry.


In addition to its insightful content, Hotel Vikas also presents the prestigious Hotel Vikas awards annually, recognizing hotel properties and franchisors that operate with excellence and integrity. Join the growing community of hotel executives who turn to Hotel Vikas for guidance and inspiration on their journey towards progress in the hospitality industry.


The American Hotel Hero Award recognizes individuals who go above and beyond in creating value, innovation, and talent in the hospitality industry. The award is not only a recognition of their hard work but also a way to empower and inspire others to reach their full potential.

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